Ewan Hoozami (Pronounced: /youˈn'hooz'arr'mee / YOU-n-hooz-ARR-mee / "You and whose army")

The "stupendously well-named" EWAN HOOZAMI is a heavy beats artist from Bristol,UK.

With his music played on BBC Radio 6, BBC Bristol, Solid Steel radio, a music video on DJ Cheeba's AV mixtape 'Revenge Of The Nerd' and releases on Big M, Pig Balls Records, Breakbeat Paradise, and several other leading funky beats labels, his party-rocking jams have gained him a worldwide following.

Official remixes for the likes of The Dirty Dubsters, Telephunken, Pulpfusion, and free downloads that get downloaded in their thousands have cemented his reputation as an exciting new producer in the world of bass-heavy breaks.

However he is also a versatile live performer, able to perform stunning live shows featuring lightning fast MPC routines, live looping and multi-genre bass assaults.

A member of Funk From The Trunk, "one of Bristol's finest DJ collectives", and an in-demand solo DJ, he is a vastly experienced DJ able to tear up any dancefloor... using lots of his own tracks, remixes, edits and mash-ups he seamlessly mixes an eclectic blend of hip-hop, funk, reggae, bass music and DnB that leaves his audiences gasping for more.

Ewan has performed at Soundwave Festival Croatia, V Festival, Isle of Wight Festival, FBBB Holland, Brisfest, Red Bull Riders, Boomtown Fair, Larmer Tree Festival and many more national and international events. He is also signed to the legendary Chai Wallah's festival roster for 2012.

And now as a member of new production duo Box Rocket, Ewan Hoozami showcases his love for heavy bass music in a collaboration already making waves wth their dynamite remix of The Avalanches' Frontier Psychiatrist.

Having played main support to so many of the world's finest funk, hip-hop and breaks artists, in many cases upstaging them, it's easy to see why his growing fanbase think he's hot property. They know the score... do you?