DJ Vallee was born and raised at Colchester Zoo. Living amongst the animals, he learned to live as one with nature. His 4 legged brothers and winged sisters accepted him as one of their own, and regaled him wild tales of the thing that binds us all..."The Funk". At the age of 16 he left the elephants, alpacas, and tawny owls, and proceeded on his quest to seek out The Funk and learn its secrets.

After years of walking the world armed with nothing but a supply of chocolate pop tarts and a portable turntable, Vallee finally found the fabled Funk behind a rock somewhere west of Luxemburg. Together they proceeded on a journey of enlightenment not dissimilar to when Yoda trained Luke on the swamp planet Dagobah. After a very confusing moment where Vallee killed a masked version of himself in a cave, it turned out that the funk wasn't actually real, and that those mushrooms were a bit dodgy after all. In this moment of clarity, it became clear to Vallee that the funk was in fact a metaphysical and ubiquitous power that flows through all things.

Like a sonic prophet, Vallee made it his life goal to help people unlock their inner funk and elevate their mind to a state of pure funkiness through partying. If you're lucky enough to catch him rocking a dance floor alongside the FFTT cohort, you may find that you lose control of your limbs, your ass starts moving to the beat, and you're engulfed by an overwhelming sense of oneness with those around you. Don't panic, this is normal. It is merely the funk penetrating you, and your first step into a bigger and brighter world.

So what are you waiting for....get on it!